Psalm 1-12


Psalm 1-12 is printed on a Vandercook #3 letterpress from photopolymer plates these prints are unbound, measuring 18″(h) X 14″(w). The materials used to build these prints are rubber-based inks, handmade oil paint, handmade watercolors, mineral spirits, handmade gauche, ink formed from soot and turpentine, Japanese ink sticks, human and pig blood, ink created from charred cat bones, acrylic paint, dry pigments, human semen, Alabama red dirt, handmade iron oxide rocket fuel, pulverized charcoal, and homemade pecan ink. The 12 prints are housed in a collection of handmade yellow birch boxes. The title of the work has been scarred into the wood with a woodburning pen. Each print comes interleaved with semi-translucent text weight paper and are further protected by a pair of sepia color, archival boxboard. A red ribbon lifts the series of prints out of the box. Each box measures 3 inches deep, 14.125 inches wide, and 18.125 inches in height. Edition of 25. Year 2014.