Psalm 1-12, variant.


Psalm 1-12 on deerskin parchment using a Vandercook #3 letterpress. The prints are unbound and come with bullet holes, flea bites and scars.  At their maximum width and height, a parchment print is 14 inches X 18 inches. Rubber-based inks, handmade oil paint, mineral spirits, handmade gauche, ink formed from soot and turpentine, human and pig blood, ink created from charred cat bones, acrylic paint, dry pigments, human semen, Alabama red dirt, handmade iron oxide rocket fuel, and pulverized charcoal. Housed in two handmade yellow birch boxes. Each box measures 3 inches deep, 14.125 inches wide, and 18.125 inches in height. Edition of 2. Year 2014.